By Jeremy Nelson and Jason Schrieber, AICP

May/June 2012  – This article in the American Planning Association Planning magazine summarizes some of the lessons learned from seven “early adopters” of parking reforms, and shares some of the available before and after data and the perspectives of past and present parking managers in these communities. The seven communities highlighted include:  San Francisco (Jay Primus),  Redwood City CA (Dan Zack), Washington DC (Ellen Jones), Oak Park IL (Cara Pavlicek), Ventura (Tom Mericle), Los Angeles (Dan Mitchell), and Chicago.

Read the full article (Planning, 2012)

For their contribution in Plan Santa Barabara, Nelson\Nygaard, on a team led by AMEC was presented the 2012 Outstanding Environmental Analysis Document Award from the Association of Environmental Professionals. Nelson\Nygaard carried out comprehensive review of existing transportation conditions of the City and surrounding region in order to develop a summary of key opportunities to reduce traffic congestion and promote mode shift to walking, biking, and transit.

Nelson\Nygaard’s Santa Monica Bike Action Plan has received numerous awards. In 2014, it won the Excellence in Active Transportation, Sustainability Award, from the Southern California Association of Governments. From the American Planning Association, it received the 2012 Distinguished Leadership Award from the California chapter and the 2012 Planning Excellence Award for Best Practice from the Los Angeles section. Nelson\Nygaard laid out a 20-year vision and a bold five-year implementation strategy with innovative neighborhood greenways, transit-supportive bike stations, and aggressive increases in bike lane mileage.